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A Match Made in SEEN Heaven

Published July 31, 2018 by

Brandon Curry used the Blippar app with SEEN Magazine to propose to Jenna Cook, his girlfriend of two years.

By Eden Lichterman 

After two years of dating, months of planning and days of waiting for SEEN Magazine to arrive, Brandon Curry finally popped the question to his girlfriend and fellow home renovator, Jenna Cook. Using the Blippar app on an article about their home renovation in SEEN’s August issue, Curry, 38, asked Cook, 32, to enter the next chapter of their lives together. And, of course, she said “yes.”

“I can’t stop crying and laughing today. It was like the best moment ever,” says Cook, letting out a combination of giggles and tears.

Brandon Curry and Jenna CookCourtesy Brandon Curry and Jenna Cook

Jenna Cook holds up her engagement ring as she poses with fiance Brandon Curry following his proposal July 30.

Mutual friends set the couple up on a blind date in April 2016. What started out as a coffee date turned into beers and a night of wonderfully engaging conversation, which led to a Beach Boys concert in Detroit. They just didn’t want to say goodbye. Now, they never have to again.

“I kissed a lot of frogs to find this one, but the first moment that I met her I knew that it was obvious she was the one for me, and we were always meant to be together,” Curry says.

Brandon Curry and Jenna CookCourtesy Brandon Curry and Jenna Cook

Jenna Cook fills with emotions as she celebrates her engagement.

Curry has been on a whirlwind adventure these past few months planning the perfect moment for his bride-to-be. Cook’s parents live in Traverse City, so this past March, Curry snuck Up North one day while Cook was at work to ask for her parent’s permission. On his way out of their home in Ferndale, he punctured his tires and had to fill them up with air 10 times to make the drive. But her parents were over the moon, and he made it back in the nick of time.

He planned to propose on a couple different trips, but Cook was on to him. So, he decided to change gears. “I always like to surprise Jenna because I think that’s the biggest part of the whole thing,” Curry says.

Ultimately, the wait was worth it. “When SEEN Magazine did an article on our house and just all the steps that we took to get here in (our) life, I saw the perfect opportunity to branch out and take that to the next level and see if Jenna would join me in the next project, which is marriage,” Curry says.

Brandon Curry and Jenna CookCourtesy Brandon Curry and Jenna Cook

Jenna Cook shows off her Wachler engagement ring while reading an article about their home renovation in SEEN’s August issue.

Over the past few days, Curry didn’t sleep much, as he anxiously awaited the arrival of SEEN. He says he kept calling different retailers that sell the magazine to see if they had it. He even requested a movie night over the weekend, so the pair could head to Holiday Market for popcorn and see if the magazine was there.

But on Monday morning, the magazine was ready and everything fell into place. Cook says she was delighted but surprised to see how excited Curry was for the article to come out. Once she scanned that page, however, and looked over to find Curry on one knee, she was on cloud nine. The couple popped open a bottle of Champagne and shared a sweet moment together.

“The best Monday ever,” Cook says.

Brandon Curry and Jenna CookCourtesy Brandon Curry and Jenna Cook

Jenna Cook uses the Blippar app to scan the article in SEEN’s August issue and reveal Brandon Curry’s proposal.

Brandon Curry

Brandy Curry’s proposal through the Blippar app.

Curry worked with David Wachler of Wachler Diamonds in Birmingham to find a vintage engagement ring. “It’s gorgeous,” says Cook, in a loving and elated tone that transcended the phone line. Though she later adds, “I’d be happy with a Ring Pop. I don’t care.”

Brandon Curry and Jenna CookCourtesy Brandon Curry and Jenna Cook

Jenna Cook balances her engagement ring with a glass of Champagne.

The couple plans on an intimate wedding with family and friends. For now, they’re just enjoying looking at each other a little differently.

“I found the perfect house, I found the perfect girl,” Curry says. “I’m totally jealous of myself right now.”

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