5 Ways to Display and Store Wine in your Home
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5 Ways to Display Wine In Your Home

July 6, 2018

5 cool and creative ways to display and store wine in your home.

By Lisa Nederlander
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Wine cellars, storage racks and custom cabinets can certainly add a ‘wow factor’ to any living space. They provide homeowners with an opportunity to make a statement, express creativity, and of course, entertain. 

As an experienced Realtor who has shown countless homes from Manhattan to metro Detroit, I’ve seen many stunning wine cellars and storage areas that make properties memorable. While these amenities may not significantly add to your home’s market value, they convey a sense of finer living and potential buyers will take notice.

According to the website homeadvisor.com, “on average, homeowners pay about $40,000 to build a wine cellar or walk-in wine cave.” On the lower end, custom cabinets can cost as little as $500, while a storage space built for a true wine aficionado may require an investment of $100,000 and up.

There are so many options, sizes and locations for wine lovers to consider. Here are a few unique ideas if you’re thinking about adding wine storage to your home.



Think Spiral

5 ways to store and display wine in your home

Under-floor wine cellars built into a kitchen or any ground-floor room are chic, modern and unforgettable. They often feature a walk-down spiral staircase, special lighting, and retractable ceilings or trap doors. And, they use the ground to keep bottles at an ideal temperature instead of electronics. It doesn’t get much cooler than that!

Wine walls

Elegant, glass-encased wine displays offer storage for virtually any wall of your home. Wine walls are basically rows of wine bottles built right into a wall. They can be climate controlled and dramatically lit offering an element of style while also being functional.

Under stairs

5 Ways to Display and Store Wine in your home

The unused space under your staircase is another popular option for wine storage. Depending on your budget, there are a wide variety of designs and directions you can go – from wood or metal racks to glass-enclosed spaces.

Rack ‘em and stack ‘em

5 Wine Cellar Ideas

Wine rack in the kitchen.

Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes. Some stand on tables, some can be mounted on walls, and some are truly works of art. There are countless DIY options as well. One eye-catching do-it-yourself design can be made using wooden dowels and leather rope; others incorporate reclaimed lumber, old wooden milk crates, even bedsprings, film reels, PVC pipe and more.

Uncork your creativity

Look for other hidden spaces to place wine cellars and storage including the basement, walk-in closets, crawl spaces, hallways, the study or living room.

If you’re taking on a project like this, go into it with a specific budget in mind. Consult with professionals and get a few estimates before starting construction. Also, make sure your project meets your community’s building rules and codes. Due to the initial expense for construction, wine cellars and storage don’t typically provide an immediate return on investment. But, they can add the right touch that will make your home stand out.

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